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Orchard Management


We specialize in working with individual landowners whose orchards and crop farms need expert attention to keep them profitable and thriving. Our qualified team with over 40 years of experience, provides planning, operations and budgeting expertise. By incorporating data from the market, and each client's risk threshold, our team at Cilker can create scenario-based proformas to help guide your decisions.

Service Area

Solano County, Butte County, Tulare County

    • Experienced grower of walnuts, almonds, citrus, pears, olives and plums
    • All aspects of orchard management including orchard establishment, soil and nutrition, pruning, irrigation management, orchard floor management, pollination, and harvest
    • Orchard redevelopment
    • Create unique solutions with frequent and open communication
    • Custom Harvest
    • Transition to organic farming
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